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At Duffy & Company we offer a full range of services, and we try and tailor our services to you the landlords requirements.

We are also well located in Haywards Heath, being literally around the corner from Haywards Heath main line station. We have plenty of free car parking and are always happy for our landlords to stop by for a chat or discuss their property.

Duffy & Company have been established for over 30 years in Haywards Heath and;

  • We Advertise with colour photographs.
  • We have our own dedicated web site and links to:,,, and many other property sites.
  • We use a professional Canon Digital SLR Camera.
  • We use ARLA (Association of Residential Letting Agents) approved tenancy agreements.
  • Duffy & Company Inspect your property regularly throughout the WHOLE tenancy, not just at the start or at the end.
  • We always report directly to you after all inspections.
  • We produce a quality and professional colour photographic check in report, which almost eliminates disputes at the end of the tenancy agreement, and also a written property condition report.

We always remember YOUR property belongs to YOU and we work for YOU!!

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Useful information for landlords


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The Legal Position

The Housing Act 1988 (as amended by The Housing Act 1996) - The Act brought about fundamental changes to the law governing the letting of the residential property to individuals. Many of the changes made the market more attractive for Landlords by making it easier to let at a market rent and recover possession when necessary. The new Act specifies the types of tenancy and whilst there are several types it is most likely that the tenancy of your property will be either an Assured Shorthold Tenancy or a 'Company Let'.

Fire & Safety Regulations

The following information is intended only as a guide for Landlords and should in no way constitute a detailed interpretation of the complete Regulations. Whilst the Regulations might appear onerous they are designed to ensure the safety of the property and tenants whilst a let is be executed.

Gas Safety (installation and Use) Regulations 1988

These cover all gas appliances, flues, meters and associated pipe work and require Landlords to ensure that appliances remain safe at all times and are checked and certified at least once every 12 months. A Landlord's certificate must be provided at the commencement of the tenancy to prove that the appliances are safe - a tenancy can not commence without one.

A record of Corgi registered engineer's checks must be kept. Instruction booklets must be provided for each appliance supplied. Duffy & Company can arrange for the gas safety checks/certificates to be carried out on properties under Full Management once a year.

Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 Amendment Regulations 1989 and 1993

This act covers all upholstery and upholstered furniture supplied by the Landlord in a rented property, including: beds, footstools, pillows, headboards, mattresses, beanbags, sofa beds, futons, etc.

Any furniture that does comply with the regulations should have a label attached to the item saying that it does comply with the 1988 fire regulations.

Furniture manufactured between 1980 and 1990 cannot be supplied to a tenant unless it has been professionally re-upholstered with conforming materials, fire retardant spray treatment is not acceptable by the DTI as it is ineffective in affording protection to foam fittings.

The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994

These regulations apply to all persons, who in the course of business, let accommodation which contains electrical equipment. If Landlords are supplying the electrical installation and any connected appliances it is essential that they are compliant.

There is currently no legal requirement for Landlords to have a formal annual safety check on electrical equipment. However, this is open to interpretation. As far as Trading Standards are concerned a Landlord must be able to demonstrate that electrical appliances are safe before the property is let. Should any piece of electrical equipment have a fault, which results in injury or fatality the person responsible for supplying the equipment could be prosecuted therefore, Duffy & Company do recommend annual checks of all electrical appliances by professionals.

Landlords should note that the maximum penalty for non-compliance with these regulations is a fine of £5000 or 6 months imprisonment!

Overseas Landlords

If you are going abroad for more than 90 days the Inland Revenue will almost certainly regard you as a: non-resident for tax purposes. You will be required to complete the Inland Revenue form NRL1 and return it to your tax district – not the agent. It is your responsibility to declare the rental income in your annual tax return under the rules of self-assessment. If in doubt please contact your Tax office or Accountant. Duffy & Company have the NRL1 form available in our office, or they can be obtained from the Inland Revenues website(link below). Landlords must declare this income on their tax returns. If a landlord does not receive an annual tax return then he or she has a legal responsibility to notify the Inland Revenue if their rental income gives rise to a liability to tax. The U.K. now has a system of 'Self Assessment'. This imposes a considerable burden on individual taxpayers and there are financial penalties for those who fail to meet their obligations. Non U.K. resident landlords are also liable to income tax. Their letting agent, or if no agent is acting, their tenant, must deduct basic rate tax at source currently at 22% and pay this over to the Inland Revenue. This obligation is removed if the landlord registers with the Inland Revenue under the 'Non-Resident Landlord Scheme' and a tax exemption certificate is issued to the agent.

Further information for Overseas Landlords and Tax